I'm Taking Off (Nick Carter) remix 10th Aug 2011
I'm Taking Off (Nick Carter) remix

If there was any justice in the world, this remix would accompany the closing credits to the upcoming John Carter of Mars movie. I mean, its suitably anthemic and rocky, the lyrics are all about space, and the guy is even named Carter, for heaven's sake. Clearly it's what Edgar Rice Burroughs would have wanted.

Space has certainly been a fertile subject matter for pop songwriters over the decades. Some would have you believe that it's best represented by some noodling, ambient twaddle that goes on for hours. I guess if your ideal space movie is 2001 then perhaps that's true; but thankfully we now know that space is actually filled with X-Wing fighters and beautiful green women. I propose, therefore, that the sound of space is really a bunch of noisy, effects-laden guitars and synths in a melodic pop song played at a hundred miles per hour - and that's what I've done my best to deliver for you here.

As you may be aware, Nick Carter has a famous boy-band past, but we won't hold that against him. Instead, let us trust that this remix will lead him along the path to indie rock righteousness. Click on the link below to download the MP3. Oh, and for something to read whilst you're listening, may I suggest this...

I'm Taking Off (James Merrifield remix)
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