Go Go Go (Helena Arlock) remix 12th Mar 2011
Go Go Go (Helena Arlock) remix

This is a remix of a song by Swedish artist Helena Arlock. It's a spritely little indie-pop number, ideal for the forthcoming spring sunshine. I recorded this remix some time ago, and it was in fact the first musical thing I attempted during my recovery from surgery, which is part of the reason why there isn't much guitar on it. The other reason is that it sounded just fine the way it was; the dominant synth line and synth bass you hear on the track are both from the original song, and only the guitars, glockenspiel, strings, drums and percussion are mine.

Helena Arlock's 'Go Go Go' was released as a single back in August 2010, and you can purchase that from Amazon UK here. I haven't found any details of a follow-up album as yet, but an earlier six track EP called Old Dirty Hound is available, and at a mere £1.79 from 7digital it would be rude not to.

Go Go Go (James Merrifield remix)
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