Gold Guns Girls (Metric) remix 12th Jan 2011
Gold Guns Girls (Metric) remix

When I first started remixing the songs from Metric's Fantasies album, 'Gold Guns Girls' was one of those that I figured I probably wouldn't be able to do much with; the original was already the kind of indie-rock song that I might have wanted to produce, and the fast tempo didn't seem to lend itself to any other guitar-based genres. But as so often seems to happen, other songs from Fantasies that I thought would be easy flummoxed me, whereas this one, once I had settled on the idea of doing a Wild West tinged version, ended up almost arranging and recording itself.

There's quite a lot going on in this remix - tremolo guitars, acoustic guitars, distorted guitars, several types of shaker and tambourine, trumpets, strings, hammond organ, bass, drums... oh, and about thirty or more tracks of vocals! That's one thing I've learnt from having access to the Fantasies vocal parts: to not be afraid of layering multiple vocals on top of each other. Previously with my own songs I would, at most, double the vocal lead part, but many of Metric's songs have five vocal lead repetitions, and it really thickens and stabilizes Emily's recorded voice.

Anyway, that's enough technical banter. You'll find my remix below and on the Music page as usual. I hope you like it, and thanks for listening.

Gold Guns Girls (James Merrifield remix)
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