Twilight Galaxy (Metric) remix 3rd Dec 2010
Twilight Galaxy (Metric) remix

If you've listened to my Metric-style remix of the Emily Haines/Crystal Method track 'Come Back Clean', you'll already know that Metric are one of my favourite bands. Several weeks ago Metric offered up all ten of the songs from their most recent album, Fantasies, for remixing, so I sweated blood to get as many as possible finished by the deadline. In the end I managed seven; the remaining three I'll no doubt complete in my own time, but for now I'm all Metric'd out.

So here is the first fruit of the last seven weeks labour: a remix of 'Twilight Galaxy'. This is one of the ones I'm most proud of. It's indie-pop with just a touch of Hawaiian surf about it (though unfortunately the waves that you hear at the beginning were recorded about a hundred metres to the right of the decidedly less glamorous Bournemouth Pier. Hope I haven't ruined the illusion). Overall I went for an organic vibe, programming some bongos and marimba - two firsts for me - and played a Roy Orbison-style twangy riff over some slide guitar. There's a kind of innocence about that sound which, although in direct contrast to Metric's wonderfully atmospheric synthesized original, actually complements the lyrical content quite well, I think. I hope you'll agree. You can download the track below or on the Music page as usual, so thanks for listening.

Since you're a music lover of discerning taste, you no doubt already own Metric's Fantasies album, but in case you've just landed from a twilight galaxy of your own, you can pick it up here

Twilight Galaxy (James Merrifield remix)
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