Fade Like A Shadow (KT Tunstall) remix 16th Nov 2010
Fade Like A Shadow (KT Tunstall) remix

I always mishear the first line to this song as "You grew wings on your hat". Clearly there's a dearth of songs about winged hats. I was going to accompany this post with an image of the Roman god Mercury with his winged helmet - but then I would have had to forego using that lovely picture of KT Tunstall.

This is another remix of the guitars-with-synths variety. The guitars pretty much played themselves, and I wanted the synths to sound like the basic, fairly clunky type that an indie band might use, as opposed to the slick, modern, professional sound you might get from an electronic artist who really knows their way around filters and LFOs (which is convenient, since not many would credit me with that).

The first ninety percent of this remix came together so quickly that I thought I might have it done in record time. The final polish, though, took way longer than I'd hoped. Did I nail it in the end? I'll leave you to decide...

KT Tunstall's original version of 'Fade Like A Shadow' can be found on her latest album Tiger Suit, which at the time of writing can be purchased for a very reasonable five quid here

Fade Like A Shadow (James Merrifield remix)
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