Zero Tolerance (Madeleine Bloom) remix 7th Nov 2010
Zero Tolerance (Madeleine Bloom) remix

Here is a remix of another Madeleine Bloom song, 'Zero Tolerance'. This one has recently been included on an album of remixes for sale on the Fixtremix website. Looking at their list of previous releases, Fixtremix's remit seems very focused on industrial metal and dark, heavy electronica - so naturally I chose to produce a light, summery, sixties-style pop track, and uploaded it along with a picture of a puppy.

If you happen to have a penchant for the darker electronic-type stuff, you can pick up the whole album for $9.99 at the Fixtremix store - but I'm giving you the MP3 of my track for free below.

To hear Madeleine Bloom's original version, check out her excellent debut album, Minutia.

Zero Tolerance (James Merrifield remix)
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