Binary (Ash) remix 13th Oct 2010
Binary (Ash) remix

Like many of their fans, I first came across Ash when 'Girl From Mars' became a hit back in the heady days of mid-nineties britpop. The album which spawned it, 1977, was/is a great album, but if I'm honest I never imagined back then that that noisy teenage trio would have the staying power to still be releasing great records fifteen years on. But, happily, their writing is just as strong now as it ever was - witness songs like 'Arcadia', for example.

Me, I'd probably be happy if Ash just released ten variations on Girl From Mars every year, but through sheer familiarity it's understandable that they've recently tried to vary the style a little. Binary is one current track that incorporates a few electronic elements, swapping some of the guitars for synths. Lucky for me, then, that this was the song they offered up for remixing, since I was always going to want to swap those guitars straight back in!

So my version is a straight-ahead indie rock number. Unsurprisingly, therefore, it sounds a bit like Ash as they have always sounded in the past. Hope you enjoy it, and thanks for listening.

You'll find Ash's original version of Binary as track four on the newly released A-Z Vol. 2 which you can preview and purchase here.

Binary (James Merrifield remix)
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