Marcy Playground remix album 4th Oct 2010
Marcy Playground remix album

I'm pleased to say that I have a track on the newly-released Marcy Playground remix album, Indaba Remixes From Wonderland. My contribution isn't my remix of Star Baby, which you've already heard on this site, but another track, entitled Thank You. To be honest, I think Star Baby is the better of my two remixes, but Marcy's John Wozniak and EMI Canada chose Thank You for the official release, and so I won't dispute their wisdom on the matter!

The original version of Thank You is a ballad, and mine is a, er, slightly louder ballad. It has more guitars, and I tweaked the chorus structure slightly to hopefully make it sound a little more 'epic'. You can hear a clip from >here<, where you can also preview and purchase the songs individually as MP3s or in their entirety as a CD album. Some of the other tracks are very fine too, with Ben Crea's electronic take on Gin and Money and Assaf Spector's wonderful Beatlesque interpretation of Blackbird being two obvious highlights, so I'd humbly suggest that the whole album would be a worthwhile purchase.