Webs (Madeleine Bloom) remix 13th Sep 2010
Webs (Madeleine Bloom) remix

Here is my remix of a song called Webs by the Berlin-based and uber-talented singer and multi-instrumentalist Madeleine Bloom. The original song is a delicate, silk-woven thing befitting its title, with light and airy vocals overlaying crystal-clear harps and soft chromatic percussion, all accompanying some wonderful Borgesian lyrics about time and infinity. Nothing so subtle from me, I'm afraid; I did want to retain much of what made the song so frail and spidery, but as usual ended up beating it over the head with my guitar. Still, in its own way it turned out alright, don't you think? You could bounce around the room to it easily enough - and feel free to join in the hand claps with an appropriately inane grin on your face. Check out the remix below. Hey! You at the back! I'm not hearing any clapping...!

Also, check out Madeleine Bloom's debut album, Minutia, where you'll find the original version of Webs, and which you can preview and purchase from madeleinebloom.com.

Webs (James Merrifield remix)
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