My first official release 5th Sep 2010
My first official release

I had my own 'J.R.Hartley' moment recently, when I had to track down and purchase a copy of my own record on ebay. It was a promo CD for the Crystal Method single Come Back Clean, and featured my remix as the B-Side. The single was a digital-only release, but the label sent these CDs out to radio stations to get some airplay. There's a sticker on the back with the promotional spiel on it, and which ends with the words, "The single also features an outstanding remix from James Merrifield taking the original in a more guitar-laden, pop direction." That's me!

I know, I know... buying your own record is kind of sad, but since this was my first ever official release I wanted a hard copy, and the label never sent me one. In fact, I only found out by accident that it had been released at all. Also, in the iTunes and Amazon stores they have spelt my name wrong. Three cheers to everyone involved! Seriously though, I'm grateful to The Crystal Method for allowing me to get an official release under my belt, even if I'm now considering whether I need to change my last name to 'Merrified' to maximize the exposure.

The Creative Commons terms under which the remix was submitted still entitle me to give the remix away for free, which is why you'll continue to find it available for download here and on the Music page even though it's now on sale in all the major digital music stores. However, if for some reason you feel like making a 69p donation to Amazon, Black Hole Recordings, and The Crystal Method, please feel free to click here.