Stockholm 1973 (Sourya) remix 27th Aug 2010
Stockholm 1973 (Sourya) remix

I finished this remix just before the events described in the previous post. It was for a remix contest whose deadline was back in December. To my knowledge they still haven't announced the results, so let's just pretend I won, shall we?

Sourya are a band I know very little about. The biography on their Myspace page says they're all native Parisians, but to my ears the accent of their lead singer has a Mancunian lilt to it. Perhaps I'm imagining this, or maybe the guy learnt English by listening to Stone Roses and Happy Mondays records. Actually, the biography does state that the band have been fiercely championed by Alan McGee, so maybe the Gallagher brothers have been dropping round for a chat.

Sourya's original version mixes elements of indie guitar pop and electro-dance into a light, spacious, and crisply-performed unit. My remix retains the basic structure of the song, but becomes an indie rock number that you might generously say has elements of Dog Man Star-era Suede about it.

To be honest, this remix is not one of my favourite efforts. But if you've already downloaded all my other remixes and still have some free space on your hard drive, feel free to add this one to your collection. Now, how's that for a sales pitch! How can you resist!

When you've had your fill of my remix, the original version of Stockholm 1973 can be found on Sourya's current album, Dawdlewalk.

Stockholm 1973 (James Merrifield remix)
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