Okay. Let's start that again 27th Aug 2010

Hello, and thanks for dropping by. As you may have noticed, I've been away for a while. In my defence, I do have a pretty good excuse. Shortly after my last post I was diagnosed with a brain tumour, and then the resulting surgery left me paralyzed down my right side. See, I told you I had an excuse! Thankfully the paralysis has not been permanent - but whilst basic stuff like being able to walk or hold cutlery returned within a few weeks, regaining the dexterity to play a musical instrument has taken considerably longer. Right now I'd guess I have sixty, maybe seventy, percent of the ability with the guitar that I had previously - but that number is increasing steadily. The finishing touches to my debut record will wait until I can perform them a little better; in the meantime, I'll be trying my hand (literally) at some more remixes. So, over the next few months you'll get to hear more indie pop songs, and I'll get some practice and physiotherapy in the process.

I'm happy to say I haven't been idle in the interim; my enforced sabbatical from music has given me the time to write the bulk of my first novel, so from now on you can expect my usual entries here on music and remixing to be interspersed with the occasional one on writing and philosophy. Also, as you can see, I redesigned this site. Like it? Internet Explorer 6 is no longer supported - those handful of remaining IE6 users will be redirected to the old design - but all modern browsers should be fine. If there is demand I'll produce a simplified lo-fi/mobile version of the site as well.

Right. On with the show...