Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare remix 30th Nov 2009
Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare remix

Here's a remix of a song by Brooklyn-based duo Matt and Kim. This is probably the least I've ever done to a song when remixing it, so if you like this track then the glory is almost all Matt and Kim's. The vocals, synths, strings, and general structure and arrangement is all there in the original version, and I just dubbed simple drums, percussion, guitars, and bass over the top.

I tried to keep the organic, 'hand-made' feel of the original; I suppose it now sounds something akin to early-nineties Cure, which is no bad thing in my book. I've no idea what the lyrics are about, but to me they conjured up visions of Tim Burton-esque animations and Robert Smith's spidery hair, hence the direction of my remix.

To hear more songs from Matt and Kim, including the original version of Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare, check out their latest album, Grand, or visit their website at

Good Ol' Fashion Nightmare (James Merrifield remix)
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