Earthquake (Little Boots) remix 4th Dec 2009
Earthquake (Little Boots) remix

Little Boots, aka Victoria Hesketh, seems to have had a good year; I wouldn't be surprised if her debut album, Hands, makes it on to more than a few 'Best Of 2009' lists. She seems about ready to pull her hair out in the above photo, though - possibly after hearing my remix of her latest single, Earthquake. Oh, come on Victoria, it ain't that bad.

Time constraints meant that I couldn't exactly break the mold with my remix - it has the same basic Killers-meets-Duran-Duran vibe going on as I've used previously - but I'm still quite pleased with this one. Once I had the main guitars in place, everything else came together pretty quickly.

I know most artists don't like to be compared to others, but when I first heard Little Boots' original version of Earthquake it reminded me what a great band Dubstar were, especially back around the time of their debut album, Disgraceful. After I'd finished with the remix I dug that old album out for another listen, and it certainly stands up amongst the current crop of synth-pop revivalists. Little Boots even looks a bit like Dubstar singer Sarah Blackwood, don't you think? But anyway, there's more than enough quality, and variety, in Hands to justify the hype around Little Boots, so you should definitely check out the album if you haven't already.

In the meantime, my remix is available for streaming and download below, and also on the Music page. Thanks for listening!

Earthquake (James Merrifield remix)
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