Come Back Clean (Emily Haines) remix 15th Sep 2009
Come Back Clean (Emily Haines) remix

I was always pleased that by alphabetical serendipity my own records might one day be stacked next to those by Metric in the racks of HMV. Then Daniel Merriweather came along and ruined everything. Also, the racks of HMV began to be filled with DVDs and video games instead of records, but that's another story.

When Old World Underground was released, for months it scarcely left my CD player. Since then, of course, Metric have followed that up with two more fantastic albums (plus the Grow Up and Blow Away album re-issue), and another great record from Emily as a solo artist.

Now, this remix isn't technically a Metric remix, nor even an Emily Haines one, but is actually a remix of a track by The Crystal Method, which featured Emily Haines as a guest vocalist. When I first saw that Indaba Music had released the stems of Come Back Clean for remixing, I skimmed right past it - no disrespect intended to The Crystal Method, who are fine artists, but I figured there were thousands of dance music producers out there who could remix their work infinitely better than I could. Then I read who the guest singer was, and decided I might be able to have a go at it after all. And that's why I've listed it here as an Emily Haines remix, rather than a Crystal Method one; because clearly my version is going to be of more appeal to Metric fans than those expecting some kind of electronic dance track.

I cut the song up into a verse-chorus structure and slapped some guitars on it, and then by virtue of Emily's vocals it was already sounding a bit like a Metric song. By that point the addition of an arpeggiated synth and Dead Disco style drums seemed appropriate.

Since there does seem to be a conventional pop song hiding there underneath, I'm curious if Come Back Clean actually was a Metric song before The Crystal Method version - and if so, how similar my remix might be to it. I haven't been able to track down an original Metric version myself, but if anyone reading this does know the answer, please do email me. In the absence of the 'real thing' I hope Metric fans will enjoy this guitar-based remix.

Come Back Clean (James Merrifield remix)
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