Until We Meet Again (Emma-Lee) remix 18th Aug 2009
Until We Meet Again (Emma-Lee) remix

There have been so many great artists coming from Canada in recent years. This remix is of a song by Toronto-based singer-songwriter Emma-Lee, entitled Until We Meet Again. The original version can be found on her current album, Never Just a Dream, and is pretty much perfect just as it is, so once again this remix was really just a case of messing around with the song and doing something different for the sake of it. Emma-Lee's original has some lovely strings and acoustic guitar, and I was tempted just to lay some drums and bass underneath and leave it at that. In the end I figured that was just too easy, so I reluctantly replaced those instruments with some of my own and reworked the song into a more conventional pop format. And that guitar riff at the beginning was a bugger to play, by the way - more practice needed!

Because Emma-Lee's voice is so sweet and cultured, I couldn't smack a load of crunchy guitars all over it, so this one is a bit lighter than my usual efforts; I'm hoping you'll just think it sounds soft and mellow, and not like the backing track to a chocolates ad or some godawful Hollywood rom-com. So please, steel yourself and remove all thoughts of bunny rabbits or Valentine's Day before pressing play...

Until We Meet Again (James Merrifield remix)
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