Evident Utensil (Chairlift) remix 22nd May 2009
Evident Utensil (Chairlift) remix

Here's my remix of the Chairlift song Evident Utensil. The original version is a great little pop song with girl/boy vocal exchanges and lyrics extolling the virtues of pencils. I thought this one would pretty much remix itself - and then proceeded to make a complete dog's breakfast of it, adding a load of other instruments which I eventually realized didn't really fit the spirit of the thing at all. That'll teach me for being complacent. So then I scrapped most of that version and just did a much simpler and more stripped-down mix, which you can now hear below.

Over the drums and bass there's just a couple of guitars, some very simple electric piano chords, the almost obligatory handclaps and tambourine, and some vibraphone and glockenspiel to punctuate a few transitions. I hope you like the result, and thanks for listening. And if you'd like to hear the song without all my bits on it, Chairlift's own mix of Evident Utensil can be found on their album Does You Inspire You.

Evident Utensil (James Merrifield remix)
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