I Found Away (Alkaline Trio) remix 13th Apr 2009
I Found Away (Alkaline Trio) remix

Well, here's a pleasant change of pace! I took 21bpm off this, and it still sounds like a freight train. In truth, Alkaline Trio's I Found Away - from their latest album, Agony & Irony - leans a little closer to the metal side of rock or punk than I'd normally listen to (their bio categorizes the track as 'doom pop', which I guess is an appropriate description), so in remixing it I tried to bring it home to more familiar territory. Of course, you still have to respect Matt Skiba's lyrics and vocal delivery in order for the whole thing to gel properly, so I did my best to keep my remix on the right side of raucous.

I added new guitars, bass, and drums, and also doubled the backing vocal parts myself so as to give them more stereo spread - hopefully I buried them well enough in the mix that you can't actually tell it was me. Still, I like to think that the overall finished version has been indiefied (indierockified?) by at least 47%. And while we're on the subject of words and wordplay, you possibly think that I was so eager to upload my remix that I made a giant typo with that title, but actually it is supposed to be 'Away' and not 'A Way'. Anyway, enough of such trifles - press play, and deliver the rock already!

I Found Away (James Merrifield remix)
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