Powder Snow (Ayumi Hamasaki) remix 5th Mar 2009
Powder Snow (Ayumi Hamasaki) remix

The vocal to Ayumi Hamasaki's Powder Snow was recently made available as part of an Ayumi website's remix competition that I saw featured on Laptop Rockers back in December. Japanese artists get very limited coverage in the UK, so I must confess I'd never actually heard of Ayumi Hamasaki until that point, but of course I've since learned that she is a big star throughout Asia.

I kept the structure of my remix broadly the same as the original song, since as a ballad it would make little sense if pieces were re-ordered too readily; I love remixing foreign language songs, but there's always the danger of unwittingly splicing right through an important lyrical theme if you're cutting and pasting based on phonetical aesthetics alone.

She does have a lovely voice on the track, which I guess sounds more exotic to my English ears since I can only understand her words in translation. I programmed a sampled strings arrangement in the hope of providing an appropriately soft and layered backing. My choice of instrumentation is probably a little warm for the lyrical content - perhaps a little more sandy than snowy - but if it's any consolation, it was actually snowing outside my window as I was mixing it!

Powder Snow (James Merrifield remix)
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